Fernweh Finishing LUTs | Indonesia Double Pack + BONUS Bhutan

A subtle cinematic take on luts

We’re excited to share yet another element of our filmmaking with you. These finishing LUTs give your videos a subtle, yet cinematic look and help elevate your storytelling by unifying your footage. All LUTs have been designed for skin tones to remain in their native hues, yet enhance the environment and add a slight analog look.

This pack is split into two included sets (two from our Mentawai film and four from our Indonesia film) for a total of six LUTs. I have also just added two LUTs I used to create the Bhutan video; these have a warmer more analog feel.


  • Bali Waters
  • Monkey Forest
  • Volcano
  • Waterfall


  • Jungle Rich
  • Jungle Night


  • Bhutan
  • Himalayas

Bonus LUTs: Bhutan

What are LUTs?

LUTs, or Look-Up-Tables, help unify the appearance of your video footage. You can think of it as a “preset” for video editors.

These finishing LUTs are applied to your footage at the end of your video editing, and they work with footage from all types of cameras. Simply color-correct your footage first and then apply these at your desired opacity.


Dark and adventurous

Fernweh Finishing LUT Mentawai – Jungle Rich

Fernweh Finishing LUT Mentawai – Jungle Night


From the ocean to the jungle

Fernweh Finishing LUT Indonesia – Bali Waters

Fernweh Finishing LUT Indoniesia – Monkey Forest

Fernweh Finishing LUT Indonesia – Volcano

Fernweh Finishing LUT Indonesia – Waterfall

Fernweh Finishing LUTs – Bhutan

Analog Matte and vibrant

Fernweh Finishing LUT Bhutan – Bhutan

Fernweh Finishing LUT Bhutan – Himalayas

Fernweh Finishing LUTs

Indonesia Pack + Bhutan

Our Indonesia + Bhutan Travel Films

All three films have exclusively been color-graded with this LUT Pack