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Gifts for the Travel Content Creator

Looking for the ultimate holiday gifts for the traveler, content creator, photographer or videographer in your life? Read below for our tried and tested gear that would make the perfect gifts!

Camera Backpack

Every traveler needs a way to transport and protect their camera gear, while simultaneously having their gear easily accessible when they need to grab a quick shot on the go.

We’ve tried MANY camera bags over the years (seriously, it’s almost embarrassing how many backpacks we’ve owned) and these three stand out as the absolute best.


The Nomadic backpack by Peter McKinnon comes in two different sizes (35L that expands to 42L, and a smaller 25L).

The WANDRD PRVKE + Photography Bundle camera bag comes in two different sizes (21L and 31L) and also comes in four different classy and subtle colors! We opted for the 31L WANDRD PRVKE + Photography Bundle because it’s the same width as the smaller version but gives you the flexibility to roll up the top a bit more for extra space.


A tripod not only reduces camera movement to enable the photographer to have cleaner images, it also allows the creator to get in the shot!

The Peak Design carbon fiber tripod is our favorite travel tripod, and its aluminum equivalent is fantastic as well. They are both designed to save on space when packing, have a 20 pound weight capacity, and all parts are serviceable, cleanable, and replaceable. They are also guaranteed for life, when does that ever happen?

The best Travel Tripods

Carbon Fiber Pros and Cons:

The main disadvantage of a carbon fiber tripod is the cost, as it is about twice the price of the aluminum equivalent. However if weight is your main concern when traveling, a carbon fiber tripod is the clear choice since it weighs less than its aluminum equivalent. A carbon fiber tripod also absorbs more micro shakes to give you a clearer image.

Charging on the Go

Every photographer knows the plight of running out of batteries. Help your favorite content creator never run out of juice with these two gifts for the traveler!

Keep Batteries Full While Traveling

Adventure Ready Reusable Water Bottles

Reduce your content creator’s plastic waste by gifting them a reusable water bottle! We have brought our Hydroflasks with us around the world and back again and they are still in excellent condition. They are insulated so they keep hot liquids hot and cold liquids cold, for hours!

Travel water bottles

The GRAYL UltraPress and GeoPress are in a league of their own and arethe perfect gifts for the traveler who gets off-the-beaten-path. They fit into any cup holder and they make clean fresh drinking water within 10 seconds. Unlike other travel water filters it requires NO sucking or pumping.

Worried about drinking tap water or brushing your teeth? Camping or hiking in the middle of nowhere where you won’t be able to bring enough water with you? Bring a GRAYL UltraPress or GeoPress on your next trip and you’ll be good to go!

Wondering what the difference is between the UltraPress and GeoPress? The GRAYL GeoPress is the original edition, has a larger volume, the filter has a slightly longer lifespan. The GRAYL UltraPress is the new “improved” edition, has a slightly smaller volume, and is lighter/easier to travel with.

Gifts for the Traveler Interested in Vlogging

When the day comes that the travel content creator moves into video creation (trust us when we say it will come if it hasn’t yet!) they will need a solid way to capture audio. The Rode VideoMic NTG plus the “dead cat” (horrible name, we know) wind shield is our favorite travel mic combo to date.

If your favorite content creator is interested in vlogging, conducting interviews, or becoming a YouTuber, they will also need a way capture their voice. For that we recommend the DJI Mic, hands down. Any of these pieces of audio equipment would be the perfect gift for a traveler!

Favorite Audio Equipment

Gifts the Traveler Didn’t Know They Needed

Most cameras these days have an intervalometer which allows the content creator to set up the camera on their brand new Peak Design carbon fiber tripod (hint hint) and take multiple photos of themselves in different poses. It’s a great feature, but there is no control over when the camera takes the picture as it is on a fixed/automatic interval.

What every content creator needs is a great remote trigger for their camera! We have tried a few triggers over the years and this one is decidedly the best. It has the best range and most reliable (2.4 Ghz Wifi) signal!

best remote trigger for travelers

Another fun travel accessory is a fanny pack! They have apparently made a comeback and are now trendy and cool again. It’s a great way to keep your small items handy, especially during plane travel. This Fjallraven fanny pack has multiple pockets for organization, even a hidden one in the back, and has waterproof fabric in case your favorite traveler gets caught in the rain.

Fanny Pack for Travels Near and Far

There have been times when we would literally be lost without our headlamps. After our camera gear this is one of the first things we pack when we’re getting ready for an adventure. We love our Petzl ACTIK CORE headlamps. They are SUPER bright, have a red mode to preserve your night vision, and they’re rechargeable! A fun bonus accessory is this handy case that turns your Petzl headlamp into a light source for everyone.

Favorite Headlamp & Accessory

Totally random we know, but hear us out. Every traveler brings a deck of cards with them around the world. When Georg and I first met in Honduras and traveled through Central America and then over to India and Nepal, the one thing that remained constant was our trusty deck of cards.

The last deck your traveler will ever need is a waterproof set that can withstand all the trials and tribulations along the way.

waterproof playing cards

If You’re Looking For A Gift for a Young Traveler…

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Check Out Some of Our Favorite Gear in Action

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