Fernweh Finishing LUTs | Ecuador Pack

A subtle cinematic take on luts

We’re excited to share an element of our filmmaking with you. These finishing LUTs give your videos a subtle, yet cinematic look and help elevate your storytelling by unifying your footage. All LUTs have been designed for skin tones to remain in their native hues, yet slightly warmer and richer.

The 9 LUTs are inspired by three distinct regions of Ecuador:

  • Amazon Green
  • Cotopaxi Bronze
  • Pacific Blue

Each LUT group consists of 3 distinct looks, all within the same color profile inspired by a specific region.

What are LUTs?

LUTs, or Look-Up-Tables, help unify the appearance of your video footage. You can think of it as a “preset” for video editors.

These finishing LUTs are applied to your footage at the very end of your video editing, and they work with footage from all types of cameras. Simply color correct your footage first and then apply these at your desired opacity.

Amazon Green

A teal and orange base with balanced skin tones and subtle dark blue-greens, making the subject pop.

Fernweh Finishing LUT Amazon 1



Fernweh Finishing LUT Amazon 2

Fernweh Finishing LUT Amazon 3

Cotopaxi Bronze

Rich warm tones with blues pushed into the greens.

Fernweh Finishing LUT Cotopaxi 1

Fernweh Finishing LUT Cotopaxi 2

Fernweh Finishing LUT Cotopaxi 3

Pacific Blue

Clean highlights and skin tones with slightly lighter and more vibrant blues.

Fernweh Finishing LUT Pacific 1

Fernweh Finishing LUT Pacific 2

Fernweh Finishing LUT Pacific 3

Fernweh Finishing LUTs

Ecuador Pack

Our Ecuador Travel Films

All 3 films have exclusively been color graded with the Ecuador LUT Pack