Belize, Central America

Travel to Belize During COVID: Socially Distancing on an *Almost* Private Island

How to get to and from Thatch Caye, an almost private island in Belize

After assuming for almost an entire year that our November 2020 trip to Belize we would have to be cancelled due to the COVID pandemic, we were pleasantly surprised to learn that Belize is back open for tourism as of October 1st! Click here to learn about how to travel to Belize during COVID, and then keep reading below to see how we stayed on an *almost* private island to keep up our social distancing even while traveling.

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Gear Reviews

Best 3 Travel Car Seats for Babies, Toddlers and Kids

The days of my husband and I being able to fit all of our worldly belongings in our two well-trodden backpacks have long disappeared, and have been traded for rolling suitcases, car seats, and copious amounts of snacks to get us through all of our family adventures. Here are our three favorite travel car seats to help you figure out what to bring on your next adventure!

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Africa, Kenya

Family Safari in Kenya

Things to do with Kids in Nairobi

Can kids go on African safaris? How old do they have to be to go on game drives? Which country is best for seeing the biggest variety of animals while also not causing us to take out a second mortgage to afford the trip? (Joking, sort of… Safaris are notoriously incredibly expensive.) Are there any vaccines that are mandatory for entry into different countries across Africa? Keep reading to see how we planned our family safari to Kenya!

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