Who are the “Fernweh Chronicles”?

…And what does “Fernweh” mean anyway?

Our home base in Colorado, USA

Hi! We are Georg, Tara, Liv and Bodhi and Fernweh is our way of life. It’s German (so is Georg) and it means a longing for far off places, or literally “far sickness”.

Georg and I met while we were each solo-traveling through Central America, and crossed paths in Honduras while we were completing our divemaster and instructor programs at the Utila Dive Center.

After we finished our programs we traveled down into South America, by sailing through the San Blas Islands from Panama to Colombia.

Our journey somehow led us Asia, where we bought a Royal Enfield motorcycle in New Delhi and drove it through India and Nepal over two long months.

The Taj Mahal

When we ran out of money we had to make our way back to the USA the cheapest way possible, so we sailed across the Atlantic Ocean as crew on a 34 foot sailboat in the ARC Race leaving from the Canary Islands off the coast of Africa. 23 days later we arrived in St. Lucia, where we were able to find work on private yachts in the Caribbean and Mexico and help us start our savings again. While this was Georg’s profession before we had met, this was a big switch for me coming from a background as a teacher for children with Autism. However it allowed Georg and I to stay together and keep traveling!

Sailing across the Atlantic Ocean

Somewhere along the way we realized we wanted to continue our journey together, forever. We got married in South Florida, USA, then moved to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, where we built our home base and started our little family.

Today we have two beautiful children, Liv and Bodhi, who are full of wanderlust just like their parents. We make every effort possible to bring them around the world and introduce them to new cultures, languages, people, and food, and hope to shape their personalities early on to be globally minded little ones.

Photo by Hannah McFall

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